Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

To get started download DNNae's extension from Google's chrome store.
Link Here.
Please note, that the extension only works on Google Chrome. If you do not have the Chrome browser, please install it from:

How do I create an account?

Once you have downloaded the extension: 1. Click on DNNae extension (It will look like this ( :D ) next to the address bar.
2. Click on Login/Sign/Up Image will come here
3. You will be directed to Login/Sign Up page
4. Proceed to Sign Up using the method of your choice i.e Google, Microsoft or create an account with us

How many messages can I send per day?

We recommend sticking to 50-100 messages per day if you have a free Linkedin Account. If you have a premium linkedin account you can easily send upto 300 messages per day. If you are sending messages daily, we highly recommend to limit them to 200-250/day.

What is 'daily limit' setting?

Daily limit is the maximum number of connect requests that you can send per day using the extension. It is very important to be careful about appropriately adjusting your daily limit.
Our suggested daily limits are the following
Free Accounts:
Viewing profiles: 500-800
Sending Messages (Connect or mail): 200-300

Paid Linkedin 'premium' Accounts: Viewing profiles: 1000-1500
Sending messages: 300-500 If you have a high daily limit, LinkedIn may detect that you are using automation and they might temporarily suspend your account.
We recommend starting with a smaller daily limit value and slowly building up to a high value over the course of weeks.

Do I need Linkedin Recruiter account to run DNNae, How Can I use Recruiter account to run with DNNae?

No, you do not need to have a Recruiter account to run with DNNae. You can use DNNae with a free account.
You can turn on the 'settings' icon.

Use the following steps: Clicking on DNNae extension
Hover over your name
Click DNNae Settings
Select "ON" for Recruiter
Click Save
The next time you launch “Add Prospects”, it will find prospects using Recruiter Lite.

Can I work on another tab while DNNae runs in the background?

The answer is yes, however, when the Linkedin tab goes in the background, Chrome throttles that page which makes DNNae slow down drastically. The best way to work on another screen is to 1. Detach the Linkedin tab on which DNNae is running 2. Push that tab to a corner so its out of your way but still open This will help DNNae run at its optimal speed.

What is DNNae?

DNNae stands for Deep Neural Network Abstract Extraction. We know!!! Its a nerdy name. We are bunch of geeks! DNNae is a recruiter's sourcing assistant. DNNae uses state of the art technology in AI and NLP to complete its tasks. Currently DNNae can take a job description, understand all the key requirements, then autonomously run searches on Linked and find the highest scoring prospects. It can then automate reachout for a recruiter, and provide suggestions on how to improve conversion. We have some really cool stuff in store. Cant wait for you to check it out :)

How can I start a new search?

Click on DNNae extension
Click on "New Prospect Search"
You can then add a Job description to describe your search or simply put in a few lines about your ideal candidate.
Title Years and type of experience
Any skills Industry experience (if applicable)
Education Note: Please dont waste time trying to format text. We just need the text to extract all the key requirements.

How do I Add prospects to my search?

Once you have created a campaign/job, you can start finding prospects for it by doing the following steps. Click on DNNae extension
Click on “Add Prospects” for the job that you want to collect prospects for

You will be redirected to LinkedIn where you will be prompted to Collect Profiles
Clicking on “Add Profile” will prompt you to select the number of profiles to select.
Note: Profiles are now being scored against the job description/other metrics provided.

How do I message prospects?

Once you have completed the add prospects job on DNNae. Now click on the extension and click on "Score and Connect" You will now be able to see all the prospects rank ordered based on their score. You can sort prospects based on title, Experience, Skills, Education, Age, Gender and Ethnicity. Prospects that you want to message, simply: 1. Click on the checkbox located just left to a prospects image 2. Edit Message 3. Send message. Note you can select 50-200 prospects at a time and DNNae will work on sending them individual messages which are highly customized.

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